DRY BLEACH ~ 5 POUNDS (Out of stock)

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5.00 LBS

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Sail Dry Bleach, like all Sail Products, is a money saver without sacrificing high quality.  Like any bleaching agent, Sail Dry Bleach is most effective when used by an experienced hand.

Most grocery store bleaches are rated at 3 to 6 percent.  Sail Dry Bleach is rated at 12 percent.  When it becomes necessary to sanitize an area it is comforting to know you are using a very effective agent.

Spills are not a traumatic experience that may happen when the bleach is liquid.  A powder can be retrieved and reused.  Liquids can travel to areas that can be damaged, which may result in losses far beyond any anticipated cost.

Using Sail Dry Bleach will give you the pride and satisfaction of using the best and still paying less